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  For The Bride 

Mori Lee

Traditional styling meets modern chic for a look sure to complete your big day. Looking for a classic mermaid bridal gown with lace accents? Mori Lee has it. Have your heart set a simple satin ballgown? Mori Lee has that too. 

Casablanca Bridal 

Are you having a hard time finding a bridal gown with everything you are looking for? Finding the right top with the wrong bottom? Are you a taller then the average bride and having a hard time finding a dress that is long enough for you? Then Casablanca Bridal is the perfect designer for you. All of their bridal gowns can be fully customized to fit your vision and your measurements. 

Beloved By Casablanca Bridal 

Calling ALL brides on a 1,000 and under bridal gown budget. We have the designer for you. The Beloved line has everything you need...gorgeous styling, it can be fully customized and it is in your budget!